Double Happiness

Open 7 days

Monday - Wednesday 5pm - 1am
Thursday 5pm - 3am
Friday 4pm - 3am
Saturday 5pm - 3am
Sunday - 5pm - 1am

With more than 15 years of trade under its belt, Double Happiness is responsible for creating approximately 181,000 espresso martinis, throwing 2704 birthday parties, consuming 12,580 litres of vodka, hosting 3,170 first dates and inspiring five Double Happiness tattoos.

After its inception in 2002, Double Happiness quickly became one of Melbourne’s most beloved, quintessential laneway bars. Paving the way for its sister location, New Gold Mountain, Double Happiness exudes a certain edgy, Oriental charm that would be its destiny before doors even opened.

Greeted by big smiles and an impressively knowledgeable bar staff, Double Happiness is a bona fide hole-in-the-wall where everybody knows your name.

Its regular motley crew is rowdy, colourful and loves a good hip-hop anthem. Nonconformists flock to avoid Melbourne’s riff-raff of drunken ramblers and to sip on a whimsical array of cocktails, bubble teas and such imports as Bia Ha Noi beer.

Double Happiness first introduced its signature espresso martini in 2002, making it one of its best selling cocktails to date.  Another local favourite is the spicy Mr Foo made with chilli vodka, coriander, fresh limes and dry ginger. But, the cocktail that has them all beat is the Great Leap Forward - a mix of Double’s house-made lychee vodka, mint, lime and ginger. 

established in 2002

Ai Weiwei   "June 1994"

Ai Weiwei
"June 1994"